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More light . . .

According to the lore these were the last words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the famous German author. The right light for the right situation is a high requirement. Once the light should create different moods, then maybe a comfortable atmosphere and finally an ideally illuminated laboratory workspace.

We at Bergmann & Hillebrand offer in the sector lighting and light design, sophisticated products with high demands on functionality, form and design. All the parts manufactured in our facility satisfy the customer´s claims whether it is the contrast requirements, desired reflection or desired permeability via individual stamping. Especially for high reflective aluminium we have fine-perforations with variable hole spacings, which are developed for the use as reflector sheets. The perforation process of the aluminium requires a surface gentle stamping and the avoidance of micro crack formations during the precision levelling.

After a detailed consultancy we suggest different hole patterns which differ in permeability and hole size. They can be manufactured cost saving out of perforation tools. We are able to process pre-lacquered, pre-anodised and high gloss slit strips with or without foil, depending on the customer requirements. The light designer is able to realise an aspired individual light atmosphere, whether it promotes performance, comfortableness or motivation.