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Try. Test. Improve.

A perforated sheet is more than a product for us. It is the blank which will be a formed part with the help of material- and processing know-how, precision work as well as optimisation to fulfil, or even go beyond the customer requirements. If you explain your request, we will listen carefully. After a clearance about material, perforation pattern, shaping, surface treatment and a requirement analysis, we will start the work to make your idea successful reality. Even if it has to be done quickly.

Whether it is the material, the function, the workmanship or the aesthetic – only perfect products from every point of view exit our facility. Due to high standards, we work, test and improve every day until the sample fits. In every single part of our production there is experience, creativity, deep construction- and material know-how as well as professional passion to produce high quality. Over the years we developed competence due to our customer ideas and needs, so we are not only able to implement standard requirements but also complex and sometimes exotic product ideas. Including synergies for all parties.

A tool design that is focused on the desired outcome as well as an optimised manufacturing process, ensure that we can deliver exactly as we had agreed.
The costs we’ll always keep in mind. All this proves our philosophy and product value.