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Not only a façade.

This particularly applies for covers such as visual, functional and haptic well-engineered speaker grilles for the automotive industry. They belong to the bestsellers of the Bergmann & Hillebrand product range. We also manufacture sophisticated grids and covers for tweeters, basses, headphones, congress microphones, vents for cars, computers, notebooks, keyboard speakers, server ventilators as well as medical technology systems.

Whether the parts are used in cars, conference premises or in churches, whether they let through music, air or liquids - they all have in common: They match perfect and they let exactly the amount of music, air or liquids through as the customer engineers and constructors prescribe. Furthermore the design and haptic leaves nothing to be desired. Sometimes they are colourful like a rainbow. Thanks to individual colour tones we are able to transform speaker covers into eye catchers. In the matter of surface refining and fleece- or foam glueing of several covers Bergmann & Hillebrand also stands for diversity and joy of experimenting. The focus is on the perfect product for the customer. We can also imagine unconventional variants and eventually transforming them custom-made, for the needs of our customers. You simply have to want it.