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We can do more.

Due to our expertise in the matter of precise perforation plates we are in a position where we can provide a wide range of sectors with demanding form and functional parts. Bergmann & Hillebrand produces components with a profound expertise and know-how, in favour of several sectors for many years. All over where precise die cuttings/ punches with minimal tolerances are required, our products could be used.

Thereby we can expand on diverse customer requirements and needs: at fastenings for example, with specific straps, individualisation with paintings or other types of surface refinements such as galvanisations, powder coatings, sieve and different printing methods, anodising and bonding with several materials.

Our expertise in giving thoughts to the product`s optimisation often provides an unexpected added value for the customer products. We not only have enough fantasy but also the needed know-how to realise valuable inputs in order to produce functional and aesthetic perfect components. Do not hesitate to ask us. Even if it is complicated or it has to be done at short notice.