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High performance in small tolerances.

Serial parts for demanding audio systems of our facility which are precisely manufactured, with high visual and haptic aesthetic and quality, belong to our diverse product range for the automotive industry.
The materials, which are coordinated with the customers, ensure a sound optimal and undistorted playback of the music. Plus parts can fit in due to minimal tolerances, for example in the leather covering of door units.
We treat metals for customer requests for example with a special surface, which has corrosion resistance. Thanks to our independency of suppliers, we are capable to deliver coverings on schedule, which are pre-finished including fleece- and foam inserts.

Nowadays modern engine and vehicle manufacturing in the series production requires compliance of narrow tolerances as well as thousand-fold reproducibility from the suppliers. Bergmann & Hillebrand fulfils these guidelines every day. The high quality mass products which we produce for our automotive customers can be made of progressive tools, partially for multiple uses and ready for installation with minimal tolerances to insert into plastic injection moulding tools.

Our production processes enable us to offer several benefits to our customers including function, precision and also in terms of costs.